The art of transformative movement

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About Arlùnviji

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Arlùnviji is a boutique movement studio in downtown Santa Barbara. We unite and celebrate your BODY and the CORE of your inner spirit through transformative movement experiences!  We specialize in GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and GYROKINESIS® Method, Pilates, Da Vinci BodyBoard™ and the Franklin Method®. “Quantum Kinetics” private bodywork sessions and Soulful Retreats are also available.  We are an official Teacher Training site for GYROTONIC® Method and Pilates Sports Center.

Our goal at Arlùnviji is to create dynamic movement experiences that inform and assist you in embodying a balanced and liberated body that is strong, supple and aligned. We strive to support you in attaining your desired body goals and to share in sweet moments of discovery as YOU transform your BODY and therefore your LIFE and COMMUNITY!

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Embrace the art of transformative movement!

Nikki Alstedter
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“Nikki creates a safe space to move freely”


“Da Vinci Body Board is the best way to start and end the day!”


“My sessions with Nikki continue to be challenging and sparked with revelations.”

—Bonnie L

“My once weak, arthritic body is now strong, flexible and best of all, pain free!


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