Pamela S.

Pamela S, Television Executive Age 50

The Womans Retreat with Nikki Alstedter

  • It was so wonderful to shift gears and be in an entirely supportive and free place, physically and emotionally.  I loved being in nature and the incredible quiet and peace of your space.
  • Nikki is a true inspiration — she is incredibly intuitive and guided us to where we needed to go.  She’s also supportive, challenging and loving.
  • I have been in a real rut personally, the retreat experience encouraged me to change my perspective.  It’s a unique combination of spiritual guidance and movement that combined to help be break down those negative patterns.
  • Nikki created a safe space to move freely.  I’m not in the best shape and am often intimidated by retreats with a lot of physical activity but found I could fully participate and move more than I thought possible.
  • I would highly recommend a workshop or retreat with Nikki — If you’re stuck, it’ll help you break free and if you’re on a path, it will give you a turbo charge in the right direction.