Jeremy W.

Jeremy W.- Attorney  Age-65
“I can’t say enough good things about Nikki and what I’ve learned from her. She is a master of her craft, with a wonderful gift for raising consciousness about how the body works. I came to her years ago, suffering from the long-term negative effects of a herniated disc. I was limited in my movements, not because I had to be, but because I was afraid not to be! In her gentle yet authoritative style, she trained me to use the various muscles in my body in a holistic way, in a continuing stream of movements that were always fresh and challenging. Nikki inspires confidence and has a great talent for explaining, for connecting mental images with body movements. She’s a perfect teacher for both beginners (as I was) and more advanced Pilates students (as I became). In fact she’s a fine teacher of other teachers–I’ve studied with two of her excellent proteges!
There seem to be thousands of Pilates teachers out there these days, but there are only a handful of genuine masters. Nikki is one of them.