Helena H.

Helena H, Pilates Master Teacher / Mother Age 41

Hmm. Maybe because I’m still trying to find a moment in my life where I can stop and think a thought without being interrupted by my lovely children or my husbands need for me to be his partner in crime.

That was what the weekend at Nikki’s woman’s retreat was, all about me! I stopped to feel my own body and mind that had so sadly been forgotten from running myself ragged in LA.  I arrived on Friday evening after a long day off work, slowly my spirit decided to land with me. Time started to stand still. The weekend was like a dream. Nikki was able to feel all the women’s energies as we moved from one activity to the other. We all just went with the flow. Nothing felt rushed or put into a crazy schedule. All walls came down and feelings were shared and explored amongst the women that were gathered. I found things about myself again that had been forgotten or just simply pushed aside because more “imported” things had to be taken care of.

I can’t pick a favorite moment of the weekend since there were so many moments that touched my different senses.

  • The amazing food that was so alive.
  • The sound of the ocean as we rested on the beach.
  • The felling of my body coming alive with the dry scrub.
  • Letting go dancing to the music.
  • In the teepee at night being mesmerized and transported to a different planet with sounds, cards, stories, meditations and inner prayers.
  • The hike to watch the sunset go down over the beautiful Santa Barbara mountains
  • The things that Nikki would say that made you go. Hmmm.
  • The amazement to see what ended up on my Dream board
  • The closing ceremony circle to hear everyone’s experience and discoveries that had taken place over the weekend.

The retreat weekend was like a favorite vacation, the kind you think about a lot and want to relive over and over again.