Eileen O.

Eileen O, Talent Manager  Age 62

Nikki Alstedter is my friend, counselor, healer & my Gyrotonic instructor of many years. Working with Nikki has changed my life in so many ways. My once weak, arthritic 62 y.o. body is now strong, flexible and best of all, pain free! Nikki has an amazing way of ‘reading’ her client’s body.  She is so intuitive and attentive. I am constantly amazed as she intuits the condition of my body and then focuses her attention on healing me or strengthening me.  Her communication level is astounding. She is able to explain simply & instruct me in a way that I can understand and follow. I find myself able to execute several difficult series of movements that I could not imagine doing before I started working with Nikki. Nikki is kind. Nikki is funny. With Nikki, I can laugh & I can cry. She is a true healer & an extraordinary teacher.