Founder of Arlùnviji

Nikki Alstedter first came to the practice of Pilates as a professional dancer, aerial acrobat, and cranial sacral massage therapist in 1997. The Pilates principles of posture and dynamic alignment presented an arena of vast healing potential and transformation that guided her educational path and experience.  As an entrepreneur, she is founder of Arlùnviji Transformative Movement in Santa Barbara and co-owner of Pilates Studio City in Southern California. She currently teaches the Gyrotonic Method, Pilates, Gyrokinesis Method, Da Vinci BodyBoard™, Nia, Burn at the Barre and Franklin Method®, and is a Master Trainer for Pilates Sports Center. In addition, Nikki has been mastering an energetic healing system called Quantum Kinetics for over 15 years, which is a gentle hands-on approach that utilizes the body’s electrical and myo-fascial system in relation to structural stability and wellness. This experience has given her a unique understanding of the body’s integral system of healing within a clinical setting. Nikki is dedicated to inspiring intelligent movement that integrates and awakens awareness to enhance the quality of LIFE.

Her credentials include:
• Co-Author of Pain-Free Posture Handbook
• Advances in Pilates Instructor Certification at Long Beach Dance Conditioning 1998
• Pilates Sport Center – Master Teacher Trainer
• Da Vinci BodyBoard™ – Master Trainer
• Level 1 & 2 Certified Instructor/ Level 1 Pre-Trainer of GYROTONIC® Method
• Level 1 Certified Instructor and Pre-Trainer of GYROKINESIS® Method
GYROTONER® Certified Instructor
• Level 1 & 2 Franklin Method® Certified Practitioner
• Quantum Kinetics Practitioner
• Certified NIA® Blue Belt trainer
• Pilates Method Alliance Certified Educational Member
• Massage Therapist, Cranial Sacral Therapist
• QRA Nutrition Practitioner
• Preferred Trainer – Balanced Body
• Studio Member – Pilates Method Alliance
• CPR / First Aid Certified

“I am passionate about movement, the body and the whole being.  Along with knowledge and experience, intuition, goofiness and a playful caring heart, I love to connect with people and guide a movement experience that is soulful, feels good and awakens deep truths about being in a body. Through movement, I teach and learn how to embrace, embody and engage to be present to living a life that thrives!”

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